2017 Pinotage, Karma Vineyard

Pie! We love pie, and this is pure blackberry and blueberry pie, from the first whiff to the first sip. But wait, there’s much more to the nose, including black licorice, roasted fennel, roasted garlic, plum jam, and wet granite. Fascinating as those aromas sound, the flavors are just as varied, ranging from roasted beets and grilled grapefruit to roasted fennel and kalamata olives. There’s an intriguing red core here, filled with mulberry, pomegranate, and red raspberry coulis, all contributing to a full-bodied, velvety-textured wine that is a pleasure to drink. Pair with barbecued ribs with plum sauce, duck confit with pomegranate and red raspberry reduction or fennel, carrots, and beets roasted with garlic olive oil and fig balsamic.

 $45.00 per 750ml bottle


Case Production:

179 cases
Type of Oak: Combination of French Radoux & American Missouri Oak
Time in Oak: 25 Months
Alcohol: 14.3% by Volume