2013 Merlot, S&P Vineyard, Alta Mesa

Stalwart and well-constructed, this is one righteous battleship of a Merlot. You might mistake it for a Cabernet, with its stout and finely-boned structure, along with its unflinchingly firm, yet highly polished tannins. Beginning with aromas of briar patch, flint, tobacco and a whiff of cigarillo, this wine is a gracefully arching plunge off the high dive into the deep end of the Bordeaux pool. Gorgeous flavors of cherry tobacco, cedar incense, cinnamon raspberry tea and a meaty undertone of lightly peppered carpaccio, make this a wine you could cellar for years.

$40 per 750ml bottles

Case Production: 214 cases
Type of Oak:

75% French Mercier & 25% American Radoux

Time in Oak: 23 Months
Alcohol: 13.0% by Volume



SILVER – 2017 Critic’s Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition