2011 Pinotage, ESTATE, Santa Cruz Mountains

Tantalizing, nose-tingling aromas of strawberry-rhubarb-blueberry pie, cranberries, and smoky sandalwood and black currant tea make you think at first blush that you are inhaling Pinot Noir. (At his elevation of 2600 feet, the highest ever to grow Pinotage in California, the grape’s Pinot Noir heritage comes out in spades.)  But then racy, exciting flavors of red currant-filled jelly donuts, pomegranate-basil granita and a flood of tangy cranberry sauce take you on a whole different journey.  The finish is coated in chocolate covered cherries. 

Case Production: 29 cases
Type of Oak: 100% French Mecier oak, all 1-2 yrs. old
Time in Oak: 11 Months
Alcohol: 14.6% by Volume




 $55 per 750ml bottle