2011 Pinotage, Amorosa Vineyard

Baked plum tart with brown sugar, soy sauce and sesame toasted walnuts greet your nostrils, adding a touch of coffee laced with Tuaca. Not shy, this wine also offers up aromas of warm brownies, braised fennel, sundried tomato paste and Angostura bitters.

Ready to drink right now, this rich, heady, fruit-forward example of Pinotage at its California ripest, offers flavors of curried mission fig-onion jam, braised fennel in balsamic vinegar, strong coffee, walnuts in Worcestershire, chocolate truffles and toasty toffee. $45.00 per 750ml bottle

Case Production: 392 cases
Type of Oak: 80% American Radoux
(50% New)

20% French Mercier
Time in Oak: 23 Months
Alcohol: 14.4% by Volume