2008 Pinotage – SOLD OUT!

Never heard of it? No surprise, as there is little of it grown here in the USA.  Specifically bred for the South African climate, Pinotage is a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault, a deep red, brooding grape grown in the Hermitage region of France.  It was developed by a viticulturist looking to amplify the essence of Pinot, which on its own did not thrive in South Africa. The result is a variety that truly does combine the strengths of the two parents, and has become the signature wine of South Africa. It’s now being regularly planted or grafted to in California: this one comes from the Amarosa Vineyard in Lodi.

This is a full-on expression of Pinotage’s somewhat “sauvage” characteristics: it fully engages your palate with its heady mix of bright red fruits and meaty, gamey, earthy undertones. Some call it “Pinot on steroids.” Aromas of bright red cherries, bananas, mangoes, ripe raspberries, and smoked pheasant entice, along with a hint of acetone (which is common for this varietal), and a healthy dose of toasty oak, promising a wild journey to an exotic destination. It’s more like a roller coaster ride than anything you’ve tasted, with a riot of jolly rancher candy, wild strawberry, tart cranberry, elephant plums and smokey chipotle bacon flavors, all making merry in your mouth. One mouthful of this wonderfully textured, exotic wine and you’ll be hooked!Read more about our Pinotage here!


Case Production: 55 cases
Type of Oak: 100% New French Mercier Oak (Center of France)
Time in Oak: 11 Months
Alcohol: 15% by Volume


GOLD MEDAL WINNER – 2010 Florida State Fair International Wine & Grape Juice Competition
GOLD MEDAL – 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
GOLD MEDAL – 2010 Hilton Head International Wine Judging & Competition